about me

hola amigos 💞

Everyone who knows me in real life can say I'm a natural born artist.
I'm keen on writing my own stories and creating unconventional characters.
Here you got a marvelous future writer, no doubt.

I do believe in equality. I ship LGTBQ, globalization and cosmopolitism.
Yeah, it means a laid-back personality and fluid orientation.

I don't try to show who I am by my look - it does by itself.
I usually seem to be a rocker mixed with a hippie; but notably love Native American style
(hey, my point of the view allows for it!).

I'm fascinated by 60's and 70's lifestyle - it's caused by my earlier incarnation :)

So as I find myself as a music lover, I collect vinyl records and bands' tees.

Suppose it's beyond belief cause the blog design, but I'm a maximalist in almost every life sphere.

People used to laugh at idealists not because fo disagreement,
but because of deeply hidden fear, that idealists are right.
of mine

The more he looked inside 
the more Piglet wasn't there.
The House at Pooh Corner, Alan Alexander Milne

I consider my dog very honest. 
I don’t think she knows she’s in the U.S. 
Nature doesn’t discriminate between borders, flags, countries.
Serj Tankian, lead singer of System of a Down

Shame on you, Maurice! 
Can you not see that you have insulted the freak?
King Julien in Madagascar

Te amo, A.

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