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🎆 🎊 🎉

we wish you the best!

be kind, work hard & share love, and magic things will happen.
 dreams never come true themselves, we gotta make them true ourselves.

it's needed to move towards our tagrets on and on,
otherwise we will just moving around.

idealism ain't the key to happinees.
the key is to live idealistically.

the one who does what he loves do it in the best way.

believe in yourself and get the ability to find ones
that believe in you as well. they are always closer than it seems.

no place is far enough if you can see the same sky.

listen to your inner voice. it always tells you the truth.

see you in 2017, let it be much better than 2016!
(nevertheless 2016 has been the best year in my life, haha!)
take care!


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